How Crypto Can Change Your Life: A beginners guide in understanding the dynamics of cryptocurrencies (English Edition)

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Who could forget the global financial crisis of 2008, as some of its shocks are still affecting the economies of the world till today? But being optimistic and looking at the glass half full, this global crisis of 2008 did give us an alternative to avoid such financial collapse in the near future, presenting a decentralized system of cryptocurrency for the first time ever, or in other words, the birth of Bitcoin. It is relevant to say that a need is the mother of all inventions.

In a capitalistic world of the free market and high competition, an alternative is what stands out to be prominent. We are all aware of Cryptocurrencies as it has been a trending topic of discussion around the globe, proving to everyone that it can not only shaking up the business industries (especially the banking sector), but it goes as far as shaking up the world governments – as stated by John MacAfee, the owner of Antivirus software company “MacAfee.”

This, without a doubt, instills curiosity in the minds of people and has been building a lot of interest more than ever in today’s era, with active involvement in the crypto market due to various reasons, either inspired by listening to personal success stories of many cryptocurrency users, the endorsement of cryptocurrencies by influential personalities such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates, or even its equal access to almost anyone at any time.

But sticking to the facts, the main motive of the majority for having a huge interest in cryptocurrencies is mainly for profits, since its worth is breaking the glass ceilings.

Moving on, what exactly are these Cryptocurrencies in simple words? What is Crypto Tokens? How exactly do we purchase them, and how do we sell them? This is your step-by-step go-to guide to know it all.

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